Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I still haven't started another book. I know a few have come out by some of my favorite YA authors, including Jessica Sorensen's next installment in Nova and Quinton's story, so I will probably start there! 

  • After months and months of going to the gym 5-6x a week, I've been hitting it maybe 2-3x max these last couple of weeks. School is getting in the way (which is fine and was expected) but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my regular schedule! I did back/biceps on Saturday. It's Tuesday and I am STILL really feeling it! That's one of my favorite side effects of lifting. I think I'd like to start sharing some of my favorite exercises for various body parts. 
  • They built a drive-thru Starbucks about a quarter mile from my house. Maybe less than that. Within a mile, there are now 4 Starbucks. Half of me is like "What the fuck?" and the other half is like "sweet, a drive thru." 'MERICA.

  • There are 194 days separating me from Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.
  • After going to Chevelle, I need to find another concert to go to ASAP. I'm pretty sure 'live music' is tied for first with 'being on the beach' for things that make me the happiest.
  • After receiving a pair of brown Kendra Scott earrings for Christmas from my boss, I felt like I could use a pair of black ones. Can't have brown without black, amiright? I could play with the Color Bar forever...

  • This weekend, no ifs ands or buts, I am meal prepping. I feel so much more organized when I have meals ready for the week. 
  • I broke a nail and now I feel ratchet.

  • On that note, I need a cute lunch bag type thing to bring to work. Oh look, a miscellaneous reason to go to Target!
  • Speaking of which, I have failed miserably at this whole wallet watch thing. This just wasn't a good month for me to commit to anything like that. Also, see bullets #3 and #6.

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  1. I need a good pool/beach read for vacation. I'll have to check Jessica out! I wish we had a Starbucks closer to my house. I'm dying for some right now.

    Those KS earrings are so pretty. I'm dying for a pair, but can't bring myself to buy any because to be honest, I wear the same pair of earrings 99.9% of the time.

    And I need a cute lunch bag too, now that you mention it.

  2. Meal prepping is the only way I can function during the week. I otherwise feel lost and unprepared!

    Those earrings are totally cute. I only ever wear my diamond studs every day and never take them out except to clean. I need to stop being so lazy!

    I did back and bis yesterday. Ouchie this morning! Love the burn!

  3. Concerts are the key to life. I went to see Hunter Hayes on Saturday. It had been a minute (like february) since I went to one. I feel whole again!

    I miss you! Sorry I've been gone so much. When I finally can blog I can't get my damn wifi to fucking work.

  4. failing miserably at april wallet watch as well. as in i said to myself: ok no more spending!! then i promptly went out and bought myself a new phone. WTF.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Meal prepping is a must! I think I need to find a way to live on the beach! Wallet watch is rough I want to buy everything!

  6. We have a shit ton of Starbucks in a small area, too! It's insane! There are literally 2 only 1/2 a mile away from each other!!!

  7. There is no better feeling than still being sore two days after a work out!

    I am so used to seeing a Starbucks on every single corner it literally doesn't even phase me anymore. I will say, I went to the bux drive through a few weeks ago and saw the line was around the block and was about to leave and then I remember "uh, hi...just go inside." LAZY!

  8. i love that you just said rachet hahahah.
    i'm with you - my schedule is just going insane and it is throwing everything off.
    also april - totally lacking motvation to work out for some reason! :( bleh.

    workouts and food prep.
    thanks :)

    BAHAHAH 'merica. That is how I feel when i see walgreens on every corner.
    WTF people.

  10. Get on that meal prep game! I'm so excited to see what you make!

    Also, this is why I'm loving T25 - I get a solid HIIT workout, at home, don't have to go anywhere and it's only 25 minutes. So much time saved!

  11. Sooo impressed with your meal planning! You rock at that!

  12. My husband and I are doing P90X3 right now and it's KILLING me! 6-7 days a week is insane LOL

  13. a.) i just stumbled on your blog and your design is adorable.

    b.) i'll have to check out those sorenson books. I think i've read one of hers in the past where she collaborated with someone??

  14. I'm so happy there is only one Starbucks en route to work- I wouldn't be able to pass up 4 of them! And yesssss to all the live music! I've been scouting and marking my calendar for free concerts coming up this summer!


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