Wednesday, April 16, 2014

These Are My Confessions...

...I've gone to that Starbucks I mentioned they just built by my house everyday this week. Dereck is disappointed but I mean, it's not like I'm taking his card or anything. So. Me no curr!!

...I kind of want to buy those vitamin gummies even though I am an adult. I mean, it's still a vitamin right?

...One of my summer school classes is supposedly led by a hot professor (according to and is supposed to be a great teacher. Eye candy always makes going to class a little easier! (Aria knows what's up.)

...on that note, I also confess that I hate that Ezra was so involved with that book and knowingly entered a relationship WITH A STUDENT just to get info on A. What a dickhole! I also confess that even though that makes him such a shitty dude, I still want them to workout somehow.

...speaking of shows that are about girls much younger than me, I confess I am SO EXCITED about the new season of Awkward. Am I the only one who watches this shit?

Yes, yes it does.

He may play a high schooler, but he's 25 so it's not creepy, I swear.

Le sigh.



  1. "pew pew" lol! I haven't watched either of the shows you mentioned, I feel so out of touch with TV lately! And hey, a vitamin is a vitamin, still good for you!

  2. Yay for hottie teachers! Definitely makes class easier! lol

    And I stopped watching PLL bc it was SO different from the books. I just couldn't stay into it. I've seen episodes of Awkward though and loved them. I need to watch it from the beginning.

  3. haven't seen maybe i'll jump on that wagon haha.
    and if there was a starbucks right near my house i'd be in trouble too! :) :) :)

  4. I am obsessed with Awkward. I love Matty.

  5. Hot teachers always helps. I haven't seen awkward but hello.

  6. he is hot.

    also dave always says pew pew BAHAHAHA :)

  7. The PLL girls are all in their twenties so it is totally ok that we are obsessed with watching PLL. It isn't high school. I haven't seen Awkward...maybe I should look in to it.

    Starbucks pew pew LOL. That is hilarious. I would have a hard time driving pass one every day and not stopping.

  8. we had a hot gym teacher in high school and he legit had ALL the grade 11 and 12 girls at his office every lunch day!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Haha, I agree about Ezra and Aria! I don't know why, but I really want them to be together. Somehow the show doesn't make it seem as creepy as it'd be in real life or something. Can PLL just go ahead and start back up, please?

  10. I had an Awkward marathon last weekend- so good!

  11. i really enjoy the "pew pew" in that text message.

  12. Oh my, Dereck. lol Doug & I also say "pew pew pew" LOL!
    & I take prenatal vitamins...and they are gummies. Go for it!
    We are adults, WE DO WHAT WE WANT.

  13. Also, I confess that every time I see this post, I sing Usher's "Confessions". And I love it! :-) I think I secretly look forward to this post every week because, Usher.

  14. I ALMOST buy vitamin gummies every time I'm at costco and then i fear that I couldn't limit myself to only one.

  15. They totally have adult gummy vites :) I've only seen half a season of PLL which is totally random & I'm not at all up to date but I totally want Ezra and Aria to work out in the end!

  16. Have you tried the adult gummies?! They're hard as a fucking rock!!!!!!! Blech.
    I'd totally hit and quit that guy.

  17. i am so broke right now, and I still have gone to starbucks every day, I am so bad!!!

  18. Pshhh why would Derek not be happy for you?!?! Why???? lol.

    Adult gummies are just as good. Blake and I use them. Because we're secretly 9 years old.

  19. I always want to watch Awkward but feel like I should from the beginning.

    I love gummy vitamins.


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