Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

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Linking up with Amanda for the first round of the Friday Favorites linkup! I have to admit, I was pretty excited to see this turn into a link up. Hoping to come across some good recipes, songs, beauty, and clothing items to try/look into myself! 

[1] Favorite song
Scenario: 75 and sunny, driving with the windows down, loved one beside you, maybe on your way to the beach?

I bit my tongue in the awkward conversation
I don't know why, I don't know why
I met you once and I'd fallen for your notions
I don't know why, I don't know why
Do you believe that there's treasures in the ocean?
Did I say I'm just a boy?
One kiss from you and I'm drunk up on your potion
That big old smile is all you wore
Girl, you make me want to feel
The things I've never felt before

This is SO different from what I normally listen to but I really love Angus and Julia Stone.

[2] Favorite show
We finally got caught up on the season finale of Suits and !!!!!!!!!! It was such a great episode and I don't want to give anything away but I am genuinely curious as to how they are going to continue into the 4th season!!! Does anyone else watch this?

[3] Favorite workout
One of my favorite muscle group combos to workout are my back and bis! I alwaysssss feel a great pump afterwards. A favorite of mine especially is the seated cable row. Super easy and a great way to build strength in your back!

[4] Favorite recipe (hypothetically)
I can't wait to try this out! As I mentioned, I really want to meal prep for next week so I can get a sense of organization back in my life. (I'm being dramatic) I just feel so much more put together when I have meals ready to go! I will report back with how this Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili turns out. 

[5] Favorite funnies
I hope people don't find these offensive, it's all in good fun! In the spirit of Easter...


  1. Ugh...Blake and I were watching this season of Suits and we had a whole bunch of episdoes recorded on the DVR. Well, they're gone now. Somebody deleted them. Side eye to his parents. lol. I'm a big baby when people delete my shows. lol.

  2. Suits and Scandal are my must watch shows and they make my Thursday nights! Now they're both over womp womp... Anyway Happy Friday! :)

  3. I haven't seen Suits. Maybe I will check it out this summer when I am trying some new shows!

    I am laughing at your funnies!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Those ecards are too funny! Amen to the one about cheaper gasoline. Having to travel 2 hours to see my family at that high of gas prices is taking a nice chunk out of my wallet. Boo!

    I'm definitely going to try that recipe too!

  5. bahahahaha oh my your funnies are hilarious!!! Mark watches Suits I haven't had a chance to watch from the beginning but it's such a good show! I haven't heard that song before....thanks for the introduction I love it! I've made that crockpot chicken taco chili before and it's ahhhhhmazing! Thanks so much for linking up! I love all the new things I've learning/being introduced to already! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  6. the ecards are hilar!!!!

    mmmmm that crock pot meal looks delish, cant wait to hear how it goes!
    happy friday!!

  7. that recipe looks amazing - thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh girl Suits is amazing!!! I am obsessed with Harvey Spector haha!! That crockpot chili looks so good!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Died - I ran out of tampons so I'm using a peep! hahahaha. brilliant and unexpected!

  10. Bahahaha @ the tampon/Peep one! I love Peeps. Not bloody ones though. Just to clarify.

  11. hahahah hiding candy or anything yummy in your stomach!! hilarious.

    Vodka and Soda

  12. I really want to watch Suits but Netflix is being a Beotch so I am waiting for it. Love Seated Cable rows, they are my favorite. Love your funnies.

  13. I LOVE Suits! I am so glad it is coming back so soon! I love me some Harvey Spektor!

  14. "I ran out of tampons so I'm using a peep" this is both hilarious and disgusting at the same time...great choice! I hope you had a great Easter dear!

  15. Freaking adore Suits. Season 4 is just around the corner and I can't wait. Donna kills it every single time. She's fantastic.

  16. The recipe looks fabulous!!!

    -Kristen | Kandid Kristen


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