Monday, April 14, 2014

Chevelle concert, Pacquiao Fight (aka reason for beer pong), and a whole lot of NADA!

First and foremost, I'd like to say THANK YOU for everyone's support on my post last week. Allow me to get all emotional on you for a second. I've said this before and I will say it again: when I started blogging, I had zero expectations when it came to making connections with people. I started this thing as a way to keep track of my life through my early twenties (yikes, I don't think I can technically say that anymore at 24) and progress through various goals. Since then, I've made so many great friends through this and I feel incredibly lucky to have the support system I have here in this little blogland. Very, very thankful for y'all!

So, after I set my stress to the side and just looked at everything from a logical standpoint, I was able to map out a plan of attack and everything got taken care of just fine. *insert derp face here* Of course. Everything will always work out, and I know that, but sometimes stress can mask that little bit of knowledge I suppose! Thanks again for the kind words!


Thursday night, I went with a friend (Sherita - Vodka and Cupcakes - she's hilarious, you would love her blog!) to go see Chevelle! It was my third time seeing them and I swear I fall more in love with them with every show. We were on the floor and were able to get pretty close! Great show and I'm pretty sure Chevelle will always be a favorite of mine.

 After my hectic week, Dereck and I decided to just stay in on Friday and watched a Modern Family marathon before calling it an early night. It was extremely granny like of us and it was awesome.

Saturday, I hit the gym and then laid out by the pool for the first time this year! So relaxing.

Saturday night, we went to a friend's house to watch the Pacquiao fight. I honestly did not watch the fight and instead focused on beer pong and quarters. I have my priorities straight, don't you worry. I also made my jalapeno popper dip again! 

If you fail to make more than 2 shots in a single game of beer pong, you are required to "troll" (stay under the table) for the entirety of the next game. Dereck had to troll! Sucka.

Sunday, we stayed in bed allllllllllllllllllllllllll day long. We alternated between Snapped and napping and it was fantastic. Got some Chinese takeout and sherbert and that's about all we got out of bed for yesterday.

This weekend was exactly what I needed after last week! It's crunch time for my classes and I feel confident and ready to knock everything out. Final papers, projects and exams all coming up over the next month. I got this!


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! So jealous you got to lay out!

  2. I'm jealous of your pool, and the fact that it was warm enough to lay out! And I've never heard of trolling-- that sounds awful haha!

  3. How fun to see Chevelle! I would imagine they would be great in concert!

    Some of my favorite weekend evenings were spent binge watching Modern Family or Big Bang Theory and doing nothing!!! And nothing tastes better on a Sunday that Chinese take-out! Yum!!!!

    Good luck with your next month with papers and finals and such! You got this!

  4. binge watching shows and relaxing all weekend is MY KIND OF WEEKEND!!.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Pool, dip, binge watching? Yes yes yes to all.

  6. That dress looks fab on you! This weekend was definitely about relaxing and recharging! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  7. HAha. The Troll rule. I've never heard of it and now I need to go crash a college party and teach them about it!

  8. Hahahaha... Granny nights are my favorite nights these days!

  9. What an amazing weekend! You had great position at the concert. Being able to lay out is awesome! The Troll position is too funny. Love being able to stay in bed all day! Glad everything is looking up!


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