Thursday, February 27, 2014

Forget Pandora - Download THIS

Has Pandora been acting wonky for anyone else this week? It kept buffering and buffering and I finally got fed up and listened to music I already had on my iPhone (Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal - great album to workout to!) which was fine, but sometimes I like a random mix and I'm too lazy and too poor to buy/compile playlists. Then I discovered FitRadio. 

I am probably never using Pandora again. You choose a station based on genre, desired BPM, your workout activity (lifting, running, zumba, yoga, etc), or by DJ.



Why it's better than Pandora:

1. No commercials - you will randomly hear a woman say "You are listening to Fit Radio" and other little snippets but they are voiced over the track and never stop the music.
2. You can see what you'll be listening to and if you're not satisfied, you can either click 'next' or click 'next playlist' for an entire new list of songs.
3. It is setup to flow from one song to the next with no seconds of quiet. As one song is ending, the next is beginning. This is probably one of my favorite aspects of the app! Along with the no commericals haha

I even listened to it on my way to work, which is obviously not a workout, but I really, really appreciate the whole no commercial thing!! It makes all the difference. I hope you'll download it and give it a shot! IT'S FREE which is just the cherry on top!

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

Friday - rest
Saturday - 1.5
Sunday - 2.5
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 1
Wednesday - 2
Thursday - 1.25

Week Total: 8.25
February Total: 38

My interest in running has taken a serious hit. I thought getting the right shoes would fix it and make me realize deep down inside I love running but alas, it's just not my cup of tea. It is what it is and while I don't hate it or anything, I just really prefer lifting. Sorry cardio, but you suck balls. Free weights, you own my heart, soul, and muscles for life. <3

Pretty sure tomorrow will be a rest day but it'd be cool to get that last 2 miles to make an even 40 for the month. We'll see!


  1. Ooh, I'm normally a Pandora girl. but I'll have to check this out! Great job on the miles!!

  2. I'll have to check that out!

    And you did AMAZING this month!! So proud of you!

  3. I will have to check out fit radio. I have Spotify, and I pay the monthly fee so that is what I listen to in my car most of the time...but it is always nice to change it up!

  4. I just invested in spotify premium and it's so cool to create playlists - but I do love getting to hear new tunes through apps like this and pandora! Get that 40th mile!

  5. I'll be checking it out for sure. Love a good playlist I don't have to mess with and it just keeps playing.

  6. Have you tried iTunes Radio? It's really easy to use. And you can base it off of songs already in your iTunes library. =)

    But I will try this just because there are no commercials!

  7. oh looks like an AWESOME app thanks for sharing - pandora really has been sucking lately!
    alsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo do you run mostly inside on a treadmill? i HATE treadmills and my runs on them SUCK. outside keeps me more interested and i seem to push harder. Granted the asphalt is harder on your knees/ankles and i know you have some ankle issues...just a thought though. <3

  8. How am I just hearing about this???? Hold please while I download! Thanks girl for the introduction!

  9. Free?! I love free! I definitely need to try this!

  10. I've been listening to "live365" online at work lately... they have some good stations on there and no commercials!

  11. I use IHeartRadio quite a bit. Even more than Pandora sometimes.

  12. alright this is just plain cool!!! now you've got me wanting to download this app and try it out for myself! thanks for linking up, cant wait to see how you do in march!


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