Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday: Women's Rock Week

1. Maria Brink - In This Moment

2. Melissa Burnos - Burnos

3. Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless 

4. Lacey Mosley - Flyleaf*

5. Emma Anzai - Sick Puppies

*After becoming a mother, she stepped down as Flyleaf's lead singer. Still giving her props because I loved her! 

All badass. All great bands. All beautiful women.

Rock on and Happy Friday!


  1. Flyleaf is my JAM! I listen to them when doing planks because somehow it helps me power through haha My friends were talking the other day bout sick puppies, I need to listen! I'm loving Paramore too!

  2. I love the song So Sick. I haven't ever listened to anything else by them but that song is great. And they are all beautiful. Rocker girls always are!

  3. I totally thought Lacey Mosley was the girl from .. that show. Modern Family! That's the name of it. That one picture made it look like her. Then I googled it and found out I was wrong. Ah well.

  4. I love Flyleaf! Just learned of Sick Puppies, but totally love them!

  5. I love In This Moment they help get me through my workouts! Flyleaf is awesome! Haven't heard of sick puppies I'll check them out.

  6. I absolutely love Taylor Momsen! "Miss Nothing" was literally on every single spin playlist I had forever. Great list lady! :-)

  7. I must live under a rock because I don't know any of these!

  8. I like the music on your blog! do you know the song by Afrojack? Ten feet tall!
    This song is a hit in our country. Do you like it?
    Greetz from the Netherlands!

  9. I love In This Moment!! And Emma from Sick Puppies is also fabulous! I love watching her rock out in concert. Lacey left Flyleaf though. Have you heard the new singer? She's pretty good, I think.

  10. LOVE hearing about new (to me) music! The only one of these I know is freaking good. Going to check out the rest now! And do you know Lzzy Hale from Halestorm and Alisa Xayalith from The Naked and Famous?


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