Thursday, February 20, 2014

30 Miles in 30 Days: February - Week 3

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

Friday 3.5
Saturday rest
Sunday 1.25
Monday 1.25
Tuesday rest
Wednesday .5
Thursday 1.25

Week total: 7.75
February total: 29.75

My knees have been bothering me since I started attempting 5ks so I took it easy this week, cardio wise, and took this as an opportunity to focus on strength training again. *HALLELUJAH* If you're a cardio bunny, kudos to you, because I just cannot find the same enjoyment on a treadmill that I can lifting. 

I don't think I will hit 40 again this month but I am happy with the miles I've put in for February. 

Also, I saw this today and figured it was something worth sharing. Sometimes we get caught up in what we look like from the neck down and forget that regardless of what size we are or what the scale says, we are all beautiful because beauty is so much more than that. Our quirks and idiosyncrasies, our strength, our beliefs, our fortitude, our humor, and every little thing that makes up who we are - that is our beauty. You can weigh 100 lbs or 300 lbs and that will never change. Always remember that.


  1. treadmills or any indoor machine are vile, loathsome things. sorry if you love them but i can't stand them. i legit use my treadmill to do chest workouts.

    that said, i only do HIIT cardio because it's short but intense and i always feel like it kicked my ass. wahoo for lifting again!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Your doing so amazing this month!! Love that quote too!

  3. I am not a fan of running. Nope. I think people who say they enjoy it are either liars or legit crazy haha. I have been doing T25 and am loving it. I need to incorporate some extra weight lifting in there too to keep up my strength training.

    You are doing awesome with your miles! Look at you go! I am loving that quote too! So true!

  4. I did Sprints on the treadmill yesterday and it was just so boring!! I used to love it but I love weights more now too.

  5. get it! you're almost to the 30 miles (and obviously will surpass the goal!!)
    i'm with you, there is just SOMETING about lifting and FEELING stronger!

  6. Love that quote! And you're definitely kicking some booty this month, even with achy knees! Kuddos to you!

  7. I can't do treadmills either. The elliptical all the way for me! Thanks for sharing the quote!


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